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VS Health/MinuteClinic

Step by step instructions to USE THE CVS HEALTH HR PORTAL For you to get to any of the assets on the C HR entrance, you must be marked in. That is the reason, when you enter the site address for the entry, you are taken directly to the entryway's sign in page. At the end of the

day, the absolute first page you land on is the login page. On that page, there is a catch you have to tap (on the off chance that you are at present working at CVS Health or MinuteClinic) so as to be taken to the genuine sign in screen. On the off chance that you are a previous worker, you sign in directly at the

main screen. At that point, in the wake of signing in, you are taken to a home/default screen, where there are different menus/joins you can tap on, to get to different assets on the gateway. Thusly, more or less, are three basic advances you have to pursue, on the off chance that you need to utilize the CVS Health/MinuteClinic HR entrance: Enter the entry's location ( into your program, so as to stack the entryway. When the gateway

stacks on your program, sign in. In the wake of marking in, utilize the menus/connections to get to the particular assets you need. Signing INTO THE CVS HEALTH HR PORTAL To sign into the CVS Health/MinuteClinic HR entry, you should enter a 'login client name' and 'secret word'. In the event that you work at one of CVS Health stores, the username will essentially be your 7 digit worker ID. What's more, the secret phrase to utilize will be the one that you normally use while marking into the CVSLEARNet

system.The same applies in the event that you are one of the 'Force' staff individuals. Then again, on the off chance that you are a MinuteClinic staff part, you should enter your 7 digit representative ID as the 'username' with the 'secret phrase' being the one you for the most part use on the 'Combined' stage. On the off chance that you work at one of the CVS Health dispersion focuses, the username will be your 7 digit representative ID with the standard myHR secret phrase. All said and done, you should enter the right 'login client name' and 'secret key' accreditations